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Drum Solo: Rock!


Have fun and enjoy the amazing experience of playing rock and drumming with this multitouch acoustic drum kit simulator. Play this game with your fingers (as it they were sticks) in your mobile phone or tablet. This drum set game is free, it has fast response, and includes different sound bank sets recorded with studio quality.Record your songs and show them to your friends later. Play music loud with headset for a superior experience. Drum Solo: Rock! is designed for everyone: children, percussionists, musicians, drummers...
The main features are:- High number of exclusive demo rhythm presets to learn to play drums- Immersion haptic feedback (tactile effects) for a better experience - Choose between 5 complete audio packs: Classic Rock, Modern Rock, Heavy Metal, Jazz and Synthesizer - Multitouch drums. You can touch up to 200 fingers simultaneously.- Reverb effect simulates a live performance.- Record your own session and later, you can play on it, like a real drum set machine. Double your experience!. You can record, play and repeat your compositions. You can record un unlimited number of notes in your loops.- Realistic HQ sampled stereo sounds, including double kick bass, two toms, floor, snare, hi-hat (two positions with the pedal), 2 crash, splash, ride and cowbell- HD drums images.- Double bass drum available.- Animations for each instrument- Repeat button in order to play continuously your improvisations (playback mode).- Low latency for the beats (note: depending of your available memory and processor)- 13 touch sensitive touch pads.- Very fast loading time- Use it in conjunction with the rest of Batalsoft apps (bass, piano, guitar...) to form your own band.
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其主要特点是:- 大量的独家演示的节奏预设学打鼓- 浸泡触觉反馈(触觉效果)为更好的体验经典摇滚,现代摇滚,重金属,爵士及合成器: - 5完整的音频包之间选择- 多点触控鼓。您可以同时接触最多200个手指。- 混响效果可模拟现场表演。- 录制自己的会话,以后,你可以在上面玩,像一个真正的鼓套机。加倍您的体验!您可以录制,播放和重复你的作品。您可以在循环记录未无限数量的笔记。- 现实HQ立体声采样的声音,包括双踢低音,双TOMS,地板,小鼓,镲(两个位置的踏板),2死机,飞溅,平顺性和牛铃- 高清鼓的图像。- 双低音鼓可用。- 动画每台仪器- 为了不断发挥你的即兴(播放模式)重复按钮。- 低延时的节拍(注:根据您的可用内存和处理器)- 13触摸感应触摸板。- 非常快速的加载时间- 使用它结合Batalsoft应用程序(贝司,钢琴,吉他......)的其余部分,形成自己的乐队。